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Make The Best Decisions When Sourcing Stock

Your Amazon FBA Business Is Important, Avoid Making The Wrong Decision

FBA Multi-Tool Features:

First of it's kind, launched January 2018, make the right decisions when buying and analysing your deals. We've taken the Amazon FBA world by storm with this hit analysis tool.

  • Advanced FBA Calculator

    Unlike other calculators that only give ROI, our calculator works out ROI, Profit Margin, Break-even Price (very useful for re-pricers) All FBA Fee's, EFN Fee's, VAT, VAT to be Remitted, Taxes in USA Plus much more.

  • Sales Estimator

    Stop buying items that don't sell well, our sales estimator will help you make the right decision.

  • BSR Checker

    Gives you the best seller percentage for example top 1%, 3%, 5% & 10%.

  • Hazmat & Restriction Checker

    Automatically checks if the item is Hazmat or if the item has any restrictions in brand or category.

  • Private Label Detector

    Checks to see if the listing has a chance of being PL. Avoid suspension and drama.

  • Export Deals

    1 Click export, export all the information you need to google sheets with a single click.

  • Customise Settings

    We've made it so all calculators settings are fully customisable.

  • Eu Price Display

    As it says on the tin displays all the EU prices for that item.

  • Currency Conversion

    Select which currency you bought your items in and the calculator will convert the rest for you.

  • Interactive History Graph

    Fully interactive keepa style graph. Displays all the important history data at no extra charge to our members.

Plus so much more being added regularly - Visit the Features Page for more 2019 updates or join our Facebook group

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